Study Update

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January 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have now completed all of the assessments of the IST-ID study! We would like to thank all care home managers, paid and family carers, individuals with intellectual disabilities as well as all NHS staff for their incredible support over the past very challenging months.

We recruited 226 individuals with learning disabilities and their family and paid carers from 21 Intensive Support Teams. We have carried out 208 follow up assessments while 18 participants dropped out for various reasons. 

We interviewed 42 people (including IST managers and staff, carers and individuals with intellectual disability) to share their experiences of working in or engaging with Intensive Support Teams (IST) across England.

We have collected information about the referral process and the engagement of the teams with the wider professional networks in each local area and the service pathway including admissions within 12 months.  

We will share our findings at an online seminar (webinar) on 23rd June 2021 (2-4 pm).

More information about how to enrol will be out in March 2021.  

We look forward to seeing you then. 

October 2020

We are on our way to complete the study. We have carried out 152 follow-up assessments (~67% of our target). We are looking to interview another 3 participants with lived experience of intellectual disability. We are also organising our webinars for next year where we will present the study findings.

May 2020

We have now completed recruitment to the IST-ID study. We recruited 226 adults with intellectual (also called learning) disabilities from 21 intensive supports teams in England.  

We are grateful to all care home service managers, paid and family carers, individuals with intellectual disabilities as well as all NHS staff for their incredible support over the past very challenging weeks for all.

We are still in process of completing other tasks related to the study, not least follow ups (have completed 109 follow up assessments so far) and service user interviews. In total, we have spoken with 35 IST managers, IST staff members, family and paid carers.  

The study has been extended for 8 months and we estimate that our findings will be made available in Spring 2021.  

March 2020

We are working with 21 Intesive Support Teams across England. There are 4 new NHS Trusts that have joined the study recently. These are: East London NHS Foundation Trust, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, Hounslow & Richmond Community Healthcare, Cheshire an Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Thank you all for your amazing support over the past two months. 

There are 205 consented participants (~91% of the total target) in the study. We need 21 more participants to reach our target (N=226). We have conducted 89 follow up assessments. We are also doing qualitative interviews with staff, family and paid carers as well as service users aboiut their expirience with Instensive Support Teams. In total, 33 interviews have been completed. We are interviewing people from various teams across England to capture the variability of services and experiences. 

The funders further extended recruitment until May 2020 showing their support to the study and the underserved population of people with Intellectual Disability. We are also in contact with a few new NHS Trusts to open new sites. 

October 2019

We have recruited 138 participants (~61% of our target). We have started follow-up assessments and have now seen 34 participants for the 9 months follow-up. We are also doing qualitative interviews with staff and managers as well as family carers about their experience with intensive support teams. The funders have agreed that we should continue recruiting till Janaury when we will review the situation. We are also in the process of opening new research sites in the hope to recruit more participants more quickly.

May 2019

We have recruited 84 participants. Thanks everyone who have been participating and supporting the study!

February 2019

We have started recruiting participants at different sites across England. So far we have recruited 45 individuals with intellectual disabilities who have used an intensive support service, and their carer. We look forward to meeting many people!

September 2018

We are excited to announce that we have begun the second phase of our study, a clinical and cost evaluation of intensive support teams. Our researchers are visiting teams in London and around England to interview service user and carer participants, we look forward to reporting our findings later in the study.

Here is the link to a talk our Chief Investigator gave at UCL recently which describes our findings from our national survey of intensive support teams.

June 2018

We have now completed our Intensive Support Team Survey, many thanks to those who have completed it, we are delighted to have received a 91% response rate!