We are carrying out this research to develop and evaluate a Medication Review Tool. The Medication Review Tool is this website and a form.

The aim of the website and form is to:

  • Direct people to relevant information about schizophrenia, psychosis and antipsychotic medication.
  • Help people in evaluating their current antipsychotic medication.
  • Provide a form that will clearly highlight the patients view about their medication to their psychiatrist. 
  • Allow people be more involved in discussions and decisions about your antipsychotic medication.

We are currently testing out this website and form with a number of service users and their care coordinators to see how well it works. Participants are randomly be allocated to either:

  1. Group 1: where the participants will use this website and fill in the Medication Review form with their care coordinator. This form will then be given to the psychiatrist who will discuss any comments or concerns that you have written on the form.
  2. Group 2: where the participants will not use the the website or the review form but will keep continuing to receive usual care from their team.

We will compare the two groups to see if using the Medication Review form helped participants to talk about their concerns and make decisions about their antipsychotic medication.

For more information:

  • Please click here for an information sheet about the study (PDF file). 
  • Or click here to contact the research assistant.

What will happen to the results of the study?

The data from the trial will be analysed and written up for an academic journal and we will also present the results at the NELFT research conference. Link to the research papers from the study will be provided on this website.