About us

Lead applicant

Dr Joanna Moncrieff, Senior Lecturer at University College London in the department of Mental Health Sciences, and a consultant psychiatrist at the North East London Foundation Trust. She is the principle researcher for this project. She has a longstanding interest in drug treatment in psychiatry, and particularly in evaluating drug treatment from the service user’s point of view. Click here for more information.

Steering Group

Dr Nicola Morant, PhD, is an Affiliated Lecturer at Department of Social and Developmental Psychology, University of Cambridge and Honorary Research Associate, Department of Mental Health Sciences, UCL. She is a qualitative academic researcher in the field of mental health with a background in social psychology. She has collaborate in NHS-based mixed methods and qualitative research projects in a number of areas of mental health including acute care, psychiatric medication management, early intervention services and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. She uses mainly interviews and focus groups to give voice to the perspectives of mental health service users within these projects, and to explore the views and experiences of various stakeholder groups (service users, carers and professionals). Her work spans a range of research contexts including service delivery and evaluation, development and evaluation of clinical tools, randomised controlled trials, and purely qualitative work.

Dr Dinesh Kumar, is a community based clinician with experience in various types of research.

Katherine Darton, an Information Officer at national MIND for nearly 20 years, she has developed a special expertise in psychiatric drugs, as well as art therapies and the history of psychiatry. She writes MIND's information on medication, as well as many other information resource pages and booklets. 

Heather Walker, is Chief Pharmacist  and Accountable Officer at North East London NHS Foundation Trust. Her main role is to manage the pharmacy services across both the mental health and community services. She qualified as a pharmacist for over 30 years and more recently as an independent prescriber in the clinical speciality of substance misuse. She was the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of GB representative on the editorial board of the Department of Health 'Drug Misuse and dependence- UK Guidelines on clinical Management' and has had articles published on writing a formulary and doctors' awareness of medicines costs.

Dr Neil Wood, is a research psychologist, now retired, who has taught and researched in a variety of psychological and health related fields.  He is the author of some 40 research publications in national and international journals.  Currently he is the Chair of the HUBB mental health advocacy service and has recently been elected to Chair of the Third Age Counselling organisation in London.   He is also a Trustee of  Havering Mind.  He is a former Governor of the North East London NHS Foundation trust and currently serves on the Havering Service User Reference Group.  As a service user himself he is passionately committed to improving the lot of mental health clients locally.

Dr Louise Marston, is a statistician in the Department of Primary Care and Population Health, UCL. She is currently involved in a number of mental health trials and has analysed longitudinal and cross sectional studies. Click here for more information

Dr Sonia Johnson, has extensive experience of conducting health services research involving complex interventions. Click here for more information.

Research team

Kiran Azam, Research Assistant, North East London NHS Foundation Trust. BSc in Human Psychology and MSc in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology. 

SE-SURG researchers, the South Essex Service User Research Group, is a team of current and former mental health service users who offer an independent, service user-led research service to providers and commissioners of mental health services. As well as informing service development through research, SE-SURG provides supported employment opportunities for members.