Other UKRI Mental Health Networks

You can find out more about events, funding calls and news from all the networks on mentalhealthresearchmatters.org.uk/about/

Summary of the other 7 mental health research networks


Closing The Gap
A network to understand why people with severe mental illness have some of the worst physical health issues of any section of the population. Our vision is to improve the physical health and reduce the health inequalities for people with severe mental illness. Website: https://www.york.ac.uk/healthsciences/closing-the-gap/

Emerging Minds
The Emerging Minds Network aims to promote cross-disciplinary and cross-sector research that has the potential to prevalence of mental health problems in children and young people. Based on extensive consultation with young people, their families, practitioners, and policy makers, our activities are focused around four main research challenges: (1) How do we implement effective promotion of good mental health, prevention and early treatment for mental health problems at scale amongst children and young people? (2) How can we best meet the needs of children and young people who have intersecting needs and face complex situations? (3) How can we amplify young people's voices and change societal attitudes in ways that positively impact on mental health? (4) How can family members, friends and settings, such as schools, be better enabled to promote good mental health and prevent and overcome emerging mental health problems. Website: https://emergingminds.org.uk/

The Nurture Network (eNurture) has one primary objective – to improve understanding of how the digital world positively or negatively affects children’s mental health and development through everyday family, school and peer relationship experiences. What does the digital revolution mean for our understanding of how family, school and peer influences affect young people’s mental health? How do we harness opportunities and protect from risks that permeate and surround young people’s social environments as a result of the digital world that they now occupy? How do we empower parents, teachers, professionals, practitioners, policy makers and young people themselves to access evidence-based knowledge and information that supports positive mental health, development and future life chances? Addressing these questions through multidisciplinary engagement and partnership activities represents the core research, practice and real-world impact objectives of eNurture. Website: https://www.enurture.org.uk/

The SMaRteN focuses on understanding student mental health in higher education. Working with researchers with a range of expertise and key stakeholders across the sector, we aim to improve the understanding of student mental health. Our network takes a Whole University perspective, with a strong focus on understanding the actions that can be taken at a non-clinical level to improve mental health and reduce the prevalence of mental health problems. Students are at the heart of our activities, with all network led activities being supported by our Student Led Research Team. Website: https://www.smarten.org.uk/

The Transdisciplinary Research for the Improvement of Youth Mental Public Health (TRIUMPH) Network brings together young people with academics, health practitioners, and policy-makers to find new ways to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 10-24 years. Our work spans three research themes (1) social connections and relationships, (2) schools and other educational settings, and (3) key groups, including LGBTQ+ and care experienced young people. Through our Youth Advisory Group, and using a design innovation approach, we are working closely with young people to facilitate their ideas and translate these into new solution-focused approaches to improve youth mental health. Website: http://triumph.sphsu.gla.ac.uk/

The Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network (VAMHN) aims to reduce the prevalence of mental health problems among children, adults, and the elderly, by bringing together experts with different ways of thinking about domestic and sexual violence, abuse and mental health - some with personal experience of these issues, others with expertise from the work that they do, and survivor researchers with both. We hope to understand, prevent and reduce the impact of domestic and sexual violence and abuse on mental health. Website: https://www.vamhn.co.uk/