Past Events

Find out more about previous events from Loneliness and Social Isolation Research Network including videos and presentations

On Tuesday 25th February 2020 We held an ECR Network workshop to collaborate on pathways scoping review

 We held a collaborative workshop for Early Careers Researchers on an ambitious scoping review into the potential pathways between loneliness/social isolation and mental health problems. This project comes out of the list of potential pathways and common risk factors that was collated from roundtable discussions at our events last summer, on which some of you have already generously commented. We want to work with you to identify priorities and existing literature related to these different pathways, and to create a diagram of potential pathways and a co-authored review. The purpose of this first workshop was to agree an approach and plan of action to take this forward. If you are interested in getting involved but could not make the meeting contact: Ellie.Pearce@ucl.ac.uk We will hold a follow-up meeting in May 2020.

Students on front quad

Connecting in the Community event series

The first two webinars took place in May 2020 and focused on addressing loneliness in the general population. The second two webinars took place in July 2020 and explored how to tackle loneliness in people experiencing mental ill-health.

Catalogue of Mental Health Measures webinar

On 20th January 2021, Louise Arseneault, ESRC Mental Health Leadership Fellow, and her colleague Bridget Bryan, demonstrated the Catalogue of Mental Health Measures.