Improving palliative care

Improving palliative care for people with dementia:Compassion programme manual

"The Compassion Intervention programme was developed as part of a three year study undertaken by the MCPCRD for Marie Curie. The programme aims to support interdisciplinary and holistic end of life care for people with dementia. Compassion has been tested for feasibility in two nursing homes located in different Clinical Commissioning Groups. The programme was found to be acceptable and a potential process for improving end of life care. The programme is flexible and can be adapted to different care home contexts. Given the limited availability of guidelines for improving end of life care in advanced dementia, Compassion may provide a useful framework for commissioners, care homes, social and healthcare services to develop end of life care strategies in their local area. While the programme has been developed with the care home setting in mind, many of the principles could be applicable to home based services."

'Improving palliative care for people with dementia: Compassion programme manual' - PDF