Public Patient Involvement (PPI)

There is recognition of both the importance and the increased need to involve both the public and patients in research. In particular, the public and patients play an important role in advising on the important research questions, the quality of the information that we provide to research participants and the best way to share our findings to the public.

To tackle these challenges, the MCPCRD have appointed two members of staff (Dr Joe Low and Dr Briony Hudson) to act as PPI leads for the department, whose main aim is to increase the level of PPI involvement in the department's research activities and to make MCPCRD staff more aware of the importance of PPI. Since their appointment in November 2016, they have conducted a survey to explore the level of PPI involvement in studies managed by the MCPCRD, an activity which will be conducted on a yearly basis. They have also constructed a template job description specifically on the PPI role, which will be used when recruiting new PPI members. They are aiming to link up with other PPI related organisations and explore mechanisms to increase PPI representation.

Contact: dop.mcpcrd-ppi@ucl.ac.uk