Tips and resources for sustainable living

Below is a collated list of tips and resources by the DoP Green Team to support sustainable living

Food and Drink

  • OLIO: Reduce food waste in your area by swapping food and other items with your neighbour.
  • Too Good to Go: Supermarkets/cafes/restaurants use this app to offer leftover meals at a reduced rate. Schedule a time for pick up & you have a deal.
  • The Vegan Society: Want to add more veggie meals to your week? Try the vegan society website for quick recipes. 
  • Our Recipes: you can find downloadable PDFs and online links to recommended recipes from the Green Team. 


  • Moral Fibres: Try your hand at making your own chemical free cleaning products
  • Wearth London: Break up with Amazon & support local businesses that sell sustainable/zero waste products. Insta: @wearthlondon
  • Ecosia: Download the Ecosia extension for Chrome as the profits (from ads) they make from your searches are used to plant trees! It also can be downloaded on your phone.
  • Get creative by upcycling; turn a tin into a pencil holder or use old glass jars to hold your toiletries.
  • Switch to eco-friendly office supplies like bamboo-based pens or a Rocketbook (a re-usable journal for those who prefer hand-written notes).
  • Buy secondhand clothes & other items on sites such as Gumtree, Depop, Poshmark & Facebook Marketplace. 

Social Action

Climate Action Society
Vegetarian and Vegan Society
Green Economy Society
Nature & Conservation Society
Green Economy Society

Garden & Travel

  • Help bees by planting more nectar-rich plants such as geraniums, lavender and salvia/sage in your garden.
  • Try composting your food waste or use your leftover cooled water that has been used to cook vegetables to water your plants.
  • Currently the government advises to avoid public transport, so take this time to get steps in or take up cycling (for the earth & your health)!  UCL has loads of resources, from hidden city walking maps to bike maintenance & local cycling routes.


  • Ethical Consumer: Check out Ethical Consumer to use your spending power to change the world! 

Plastic Action