UCL Summer School


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the dates of the UCL Summer School? 

Session One: July 5 - 23

Session Two: July 26 - August 13

Will any modules be taught on campus this year?

We plan on offering modules on campus again in summer 2022 but there will be no Summer School activity on campus in 2021; all 2021 modules will be taught online. This is in response to the ongoing uncertainty around Covid-19 and concerns for the safety of both staff and students.

Will online modules carry the same credit value as on-campus modules?

Yes. All UCL Summer School modules are worth 15 credits in the UK system (4 US credits, 7.5 ECTS credits) and so carry the same academic weight and rigour of a regular UCL undergraduate module. In terms of delivery, we will use the same approach that has proved successful on UCL degree programmes this academic year, guaranteeing our students an excellent academic experience. This approach is informed by research conducted at the UCL Institute of Education (ranked 1st globally for Education Studies, QS 2014-2021).

What is the workload of a UCL Summer School module?

All modules consist of 45 teaching hours and approximately 100 additional study hours. The 45 teaching hours will include a mix of pre-recorded lectures, structured learning activities and live teaching sessions.

When will live sessions take place?

Live sessions will take place Monday to Friday and most modules will offer a minimum of one live hour per day. We will take account of where int he world students are studying and try to ensure that live sessions take place at a convenient time for all students. It will not be possible to confirm exact timetables until we know student numbers and time zones in early June and will confirm this information then.

Will there be a social and cultural programme online?

Yes, this will remain an important aspect of the UCL Summer School. We will be providing regular opportunities to get to know students from across the programme and sharing links to cultural events to help students learn more about UCL and London. 

Can I stay in UCL Accommodation?

UCL Accommodation are planning to make some rooms available for booking this summer, providing it is safe to do so. Accommodation is not arranged by the UCL Summer School office, so bookings would need to be made through UCL Accommodation.

When will I get my results?

Provisional results will be made available in August but transcripts will not be sent until mid-September. All UCL Summer School assessment results need to be formally ratified by a Board of Examiners, which meets in the first week of September. Transcripts follow after this meeting.

How long will my UCL Summer School English language test certificate be valid for?

All certificates are valid for two years, so a certificate issued in 2020 can be accepted this year and certificates issued this year will be accepted for summer 2022.

What can I do if I have more questions?

The UCL Summer School team is friendly and approachable and always happy to answer any questions via email (summer@ucl.ac.uk) or on the telephone (+44 207679 5522).