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Political Science and International Relations

UCL is recognised as having one of the leading departments of Political Science, not just in the UK, but globally. It offers a uniquely stimulating environment for the study of all fields of politics, including international relations, political theory, public policy-making and administration.

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Political Science and International Relations

Why study Political Science and International Relations at UCL?

The Department of Political Science acts as a bridge between UCL's world-class research and the policy-making community in Britain and internationally. Through the department, students have access to a wide range of weekly events, featuring distinguished external speakers as well as regular high-profile events with politicians and policymakers.

What you will gain from study at UCL

Through class presentations, seminar discussions and essay writing, students will learn to present and defend arguments, conduct independent research, marshal evidence and come to their own conclusions.

Teaching and assessment

Most modules are taught through a combination of formal lectures and smaller seminars, for which students will be required to prepare readings and other work. Modules are usually assessed by essay assignments, or by end-of-year written examination, or both. Affiliates admitted to Political Science and International Relations select at least 50% of their course-load from the core modules listed here. The remaining modules may be taken outside the department according to individual student interests and departmental availability.

Modules in Political Science and International Relations

Please note that this guide lists a range of popular modules offered as a representative sample. It is not exhaustive and, since the guide is published ahead of time, module options may have changed, been deleted or replaced. If you have very specific study needs or require confirmation of module availability for 2023/24, you are strongly advised to get in touch with the relevant Affiliate contact, listed on this subject page, before making an application.

Information on the affiliate programme in general can be found here and the Political Science and International Relations affiliate programme specifically here.

Level 1 (FHEQ 4) modules

Module code Title Availability UCL credits
POLS0002 Democracy and Authoritarianism Fall Term, Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)

Level 2 (FHEQ 5) modules

Module code Title Availability UCL credits
POLS0001 International Conflict and Cooperation Fall Term, Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0016 British Politics Fall Term, Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0032 Authority, Democracy and Resistance Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0033 Philosophy, Values, and the Social Sciences Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0039 Global Economic and Social Rights Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0043 International Political Economy Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0065 Wars and Violence Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0066 Political Behaviour: Voters, Public Opinion, and Political Participation Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0079 Middle East Politics Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0088 Postcolonial and Critical Approaches to World Politics Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0089 Regulating Big Business Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0090 Theories of Justics and Injustice Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PUBL0056 Governing Big Business Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)

Level 3 (FHEQ 6) modules

Module code Title Availability UCL credits
POLS0019 International Security Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0020 Politics of the European Union Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0021 International Development and Public Policy Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0022 Gender and Politics Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0023 Global Environmental Politics Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0027 Human Rights and World Politics Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0028 Welfare Politics Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0030 The Ethics of Crime and Punishment Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0034 British Parliamentary Studies Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0035 Strategies of Terrorism Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0041 Politics of Economic Policy in Post-Industrial Democracies Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0072 Spread of Conflict in International Relations Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0075 Democracy, Citizenship and Constitutions Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0080 Migration, Politics and Policy Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0091 Humanitarian Protection Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0092 America in the World Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0093 LGBTIQ Politics Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0094 Political Economy of East Asia Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0096 Improving Public Policy Implementation Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0097 History of Political Thought Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0098 Latin American Politics Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0099 Politics of Nature Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0100 Global Justice Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
POLS0101 Environmental and Climate Justice Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)

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