Procurement Services



Some specialist provision such as cleaning, catering and security services has been managed by external providers at UCL since 2000, in line with many other higher education institutions in the UK. UCL is currently reviewing the current model of delivery for outsourced facilities and workplace services.

In October 2019, UCL committed to ensuring that outsourced security, cleaning and catering staff will receive the same or equivalent pay and benefits as directly employed staff, following constructive negotiations with UNISON, UCL’s recognised trade union.

With support from Council, UCL’s governing body, we introduced a plan to achieve parity of conditions for outsourced staff with colleagues employed directly by UCL, including annual leave entitlement, pay grading, sickness benefits and pension contributions.

Most of these changes have been put in place, and the remainder will be concluded before August 2021. For the full schedule of changes, please see the changes to pay and benefits webpage.

Who's involved?


Council, the Provost and our senior management team are heavily involved and committed to negotiating with UNISON to ensure complete parity of terms and conditions by 2021.  


UNISON is one of UCL's unions, recognised to represent our clerical, secretarial, manual and ancillary staff. It is the formally recognised union for UCL, Sodexo, Axis and CH&Co under trade union law. We work with them on matters of terms and conditions.

Axis, CH&Co and Sodexo

UCL's contractor companies who employ our catering, cleaning and security staff.