Commercial and Procurement Services


UCL's supply chain policy

UCL’s long term success and continued excellence is dependent on the quality of our suppliers and ensuring they align with UCL's supply chain policy.

This section sets out the fundamental elements guiding UCL's supply chain policy (pdf). These must be complied with by all UCL staff authorised to incur expenditure, and apply to transactions with all suppliers, including grants and sponsored research, goods and services purchased by or on behalf of UCL worldwide.

Where any procurement is funded by a third party, such as a research grant, the funder may impose certain requirements that are different to UCL’s requirements. In this case, UCL will incorporate the more onerous requirement(s).

Contracts and financial commitments will only be made with suppliers who have been approved (commercially, contractually and ethically), represent value for money and are able to provide solutions to UCL’s requirements. Every UCL supplier will be assessed according to their impact on UCL’s performance. 

For more details on processes and procedures, please refer to the information for suppliers and information for UCL community