Department of Political Science


Research Associates

The UCL Centre on US Politics (CUSP) invites current students to apply to serve as Research Associates

CUSP offers a dynamic environment dedicated to research and external outreach on US politics. As part of this effort, we welcome inquiries from students interested in advancing CUSP's objectives of promoting accurate, non-partisan, and timely information on US politics for a global audience.

Research Associates contribute to essential activities at the Centre (for example, social media outreach, event planning, etc.) and are matched with a CUSP expert in their area of interest, for whom they provide research assistance and support. 

Seasonal applications dates

The 2023-24 application cycle is now closed. Please check back in summer 2024 for the next academic year.

Our research associates

Carolina smiling at camera

Carolina de la Rosa

"I feel very honored and grateful for this opportunity that I have to be a research associate for CUSP. I hope to learn more about US politics from this opportunity and improve my research skills which I plan on implementing with the seasonal work that I am doing for the US House of Representatives."

Ipek is standing in the street, smiling at the camera
Donna Dong

"As a research associate for CUSP I aim to further improve my skills in data collection and application while furthering my abilities in effective academic research."

Ipshita is standing in front of a pink house, smiling
Astrid Knox-McConnell

"I am looking forward to getting involved with CUSP as a research associate, as I will be able to learn from and collaborate with experts, expand my knowledge of research methods, and help bring non-partisan and reliable information to a global audience."

Haruna is in the forest, smiling at the camera
Anna Ruth

“As a research associate at CUSP, I am excited to gain new insights into American political economy through collaboration with world-leading academics.”

Benedetta is standing in the street, wearing a black blazer

Ches Stupak

“As a Research Assistant at CUSP, I aim to contribute to UCL's world-renowned research that addresses pressing issues faced by the United States. I am eager to collaborate with leading scholars and investigate complex political questions.”


Nina looks side on into the camera and smiles
Brandon To

"I am very grateful for this opportunity with CUSP. With my time here, I hope to pursue my interest in the impact of the United States on different geopolitical conflicts, while also deepening my knowledge about US internal politics."

Conor is standing by a seaside cliff
Conor Walsh

"In addition to contributing to some of UCL’s world-renowned research, working as an RA is also an amazing opportunity to learn more about key issues surrounding US politics — broadening my understanding of political science and political theory far beyond the confines of the classroom."

Ziqian is working in a cafe, smiling at the camera
Ziqian Wang
“I am excited to learn from experts in CUSP and gain a deeper and more insightful understanding of US politics and political economy. In the process, I hope to further develop my analytical abilities in conducting research.”

Zoey is stanidng on a hill overlooking a city
Jasmine Yen

"I’m excited to be a part of CUSP as a research assistant as I’ll be able to enhance my academic knowledge surrounding US foreign policy and also contribute to objective, nonpartisan research that can help bridge divides and navigate difficult conversations."

Christina is standing behind a microphone, giving a talk
Tina Yong

“I am excited to become a research associate with CUSP in order to be a part of a broader scholarly exploration of artificial intelligence and its political implications.”