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Summer listening: best of UCL Uncovering Politics podcast

7 July 2022

Stuck for some summer listening? We have put together our best episodes into a summer listening “best of”. We bring you 13 episodes, one for each week of UCL's summer break.

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UCL Uncovering Politics lets you into some of the Department of Political Science's most intriguing research findings. 

Since October 2020, we have been producing weekly term-time episodes and have welcomed a fantastic variety of speakers. From decolonising universities, to blame, the monarchy, the economy, the internet, asylum, free speech, risk, intermarriage, war, Northern Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, the US and the global climate crisis (and more!), our speakers have covered a huge range of topics and views.

We have pulled together some of our favourite episodes into a Summer Listening series. You can find out about these episodes and listen to them here: Summer listening: best of UCL Uncovering Politics podcast.

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Episode list - Summer listening: best of UCL Uncovering Politics podcast

  • How to transform our politics. Marc Stears
  • Politics in Northern Ireland. Alan Whysall and Etain Tannam
  • Courage in politics. Dušan Rebolj and Jennifer Hodge
  • Fostering norms for dispute resolution. Alexandra Hartman
  • The Politics of Climate Change. Jared Finnegan
  • Survivors of Violence. Kate Cronin-Furman
  • Origins of social trust. Peter Thisted Dinesen
  • The ethics of violent protest. Avia Pasternak
  • Regulating the Internet. Jeff Howard and Melanie Garson
  • The Transformation of British Welfare Policy. Garry Lemon and Tom O'Grady
  • Analysing Politicians' Words. Lotte Hargrave and Markus Kollberg
  • The limits of technocracy. Anna Killick
  • Taking Offence. Emily McTernan

And our wonderful hosts are Alan Renwick and Jennifer Hudson