Department of Political Science


Faculty Education Awards 2020 - Winners

31 March 2020

UCL Education Awards recognise staff making outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students and we wish many congratulations to our colleagues Dr Tom O'Grady, Dr Jeffrey Howard, and Dr Helen Brown Coverdale.


Each Faculty can award one individual or team per category from a list of colleagues nominated by Departments. Exceptional individuals and teams from amongst these winners will receive the Provost's Education Award, which will be announced on 10 June.

Our congratulations to the following colleagues from Arts and Humanities and Social and Historical Sciences on their successful nominations this academic year. Each of them has been selected for a Faculty Education Award in recognition for their hard work and commitment to improving the student learning experience. They have also been nominated for the Provost's Education Award. 

Arts and Humanities

  • Academic support, with a focus on personal tutoring: Clare Lewis (Arts and Sciences) 
  • Curriculum development, with a focus on research-based education: Dr Antony Makrinos (Department of Greek and Latin) 
  • Education leadership, with a focus on sharing best practice: Dr Fiachra Mac Góráin (Department of Greek and Latin)
  • Excellence in the role of Postgraduate Teaching Assistant: Dr Stacey Hackner (Arts and Sciences)

Social and Historical Sciences

For more information on the UCL Education Awards, and for details of previous winners, please visit the awards webpage.