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Protecting Future Generations

22 October 2020, 6:00 pm–7:30 pm


How can we design our institutions to protect the interests of future generations? 

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Abi Turner
To discuss this we have four experts who have all been involved in writing and thinking about this: Prof Jonathan Boston from New Zealand had a Fulbright Fellowship to do comparative research on Governing for the Future; Jaakko Kuosmanen (Finnish Academy) is an expert on the human rights of future generations, and member of the Finnish Government’s Foresight Group; Jill Rutter is an experienced former senior civil servant, having worked in HM Treasury, No 10 and Defra; and Professor Ian Goldin is a former Vice-President of the World Bank, and Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change.


Professor Jonathan Boston
Jonathan has published widely on a range of matters including public management, social policy, climate change policy, tertiary education policy, and comparative government. 

At Victoria University of Wellington, Jonathan has served as Director of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies and Director of the Institute of Policy Studies. More recently he served as Co-Chair of the Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty, established by the Children’s Commissioner. He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 2014 to undertake research on ‘Governing for the Future: Bringing Long-Term Policy Issues into Short-Term Political Focus’.

Jonathan serves on the boards of a number of organizations including Oxfam NZ Jonathan’s recent research has focused on the challenge of governing for the long-term in the face of strong presentist tendencies in democratic policy-making. Current projects include designing institutions to manage the challenge of climate change adaptation, reforms to the welfare state, and reforming parliament.

Dr Jaakko Kuosmanen
Dr. Jaakko Kuosmanen is the Head Coordinator of SOFI (Science Advice Initiative of Finland) - a three-year public development initiative (2019-2021). The work focuses on experimental development of new operating models for the existing science advice ecosystem in Finland. Previously, he was an associate of the Oxford Human Rights Hub, and he worked as a Senior Advisor for Demos Helsinki think tank. Kuosmanen has worked in developing countries around the world assisting the establishment of innovation labs the function of which is to facilitate the realisation of SDGs

Jill Rutter
Jill Rutter is an experienced former senior civil servant, having worked in HM Treasury, No 10 and Defra, where she was Director of Strategy and Sustainable Development. She is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government, where she directed the Institute’s work on better policy making, and Senior Research Fellow at UK in a Changing Europe

Professor Ian Goldin 
Professor Ian Goldin was the founding Director of the Oxford Martin School from September 2006 to September 2016. He is currently Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development, Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin School, Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change and a Professorial Fellow at the University’s Balliol College.
Professor Goldin initiated and was Vice-Chair of the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations.The Commission's report, Now for the Long Term, was published in October 2013. From 2003 to 2006 he was Vice President of the World Bank, and prior to that the Bank’s Director of Development Policy (2001-2003). 


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