Department of Political Science


Ethnic and Racial Diversity (ERD) Network

The Ethnic and Racial Diversity (ERD) Network is a student-staff initiative established within UCL’s Department of Political Science and School of Public Policy.

The fundamental aim of the ERD Network is to create a safe space to for minority ethnic members in the department to share their experiences in a safe and communicative space. Further, we aim to discuss, question, challenge systemic inequality and racism within the department through student-staff activism and allyship advocating for change.

The current network leads are Antara Basu and Katt Ray Akwa, Maki Kimura (staff lead).

By hosting social events as well as creating a safe and collaborate space for students and staff in the department, they are committed to establishing an informal setting for minority ethnic members of the department to have a space to discuss concerns and experiences ongoing throughout their time at UCL’s institution. Together, the ERD network plans on taking decisive and effective steps towards promote racial equality and diversity within the department. 

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