Department of Political Science


Disability, Neurodiversity, and Wellbeing Network

The Disability, Neurodiversity and Wellbeing network provides a platform for students and staff in UCL’s School of Public Policy to come together and give each other support, while also ensuring the department takes the necessary measures to become an inclusive learning environment.

The network aims to promote inclusivity within the department in several ways:

  • Participants (students and staff who identify with this network) will share their learning and experiences about disability, neurodiversity and wellbeing.
  • Speakers will be invited to address the network; this will include leading academics, as well as individuals with lived experience who are both inspiring and pioneering.
  • We will host two events to celebrate International Disability Awareness Day (September) and International Day of Persons with Disability (December). The former will allow us to celebrate people with disabilities and learn from their experiences, while the latter event focuses on understanding the social constructs and barriers disabled people face.
  • We will organise trips to cultural events around London that celebrate us.

Currently the network is being co-led by Dr Sarabajaya Kumar (she/ her), an intersectional interdisciplinary academic with a research focus on ableism, and TBC.

Together we will co-create the network as a safe and brave space in which to ensure our rights are not forgotten. Through the network, we will facilitate our support for one another, and voice our concerns to the department and UCL, whilst simultaneously learning more about how we can ensure our impairments, neurodiversity and health conditions are not barriers to full participation in society.