UCL Policy Lab


Ordinary Hope: building a better future by working together

Ordinary Hope, a partnership between UCL Policy Lab and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, facilitating deep relationships to support social and economic change

Ordinary Hope is organised by leaders from academia, philanthropy, media, community campaigning and organising, politics, public service and more. All our members are driven by deep commitments to both tackling social and economic injustices and to working collaboratively and with respect across the differences that too often divide us. 

Our work takes place in a context where millions of people in the UK feel disengaged, undervalued and disrespected and where few people report having faith that politics as usual can make the changes required. Through this project, the team are reflecting on these realities as they experience them, drawing on their diverse experience, perspectives and networks. We place everyday experience into contact with extraordinary expertise.

And each of our project leaders also spotlight existing glimmers of hope: brilliant individuals and organisations who, despite the odds, are successfully collaborating across differences to challenge the status quo, building trust and understanding to break down barriers, and sharing knowledge and decision-making power along the way. Ordinary Hope brings this work to the forefront. We platform a politics that is grounded in ordinary people’s lives - a politics that restores trust, hope and respect.

If you are excited to find out more about this project, get in contact with us at a.iyer@ucl.ac.uk.