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The challenges of our disrupted world require genuinely transformative ideas. We bring together world-leading data-driven expertise from economics and political science with the lived experience and practical wisdom of governments, businesses and communities. Our collaborations aim to shape new debates and find new answers.
UCL East

Ordinary hope: how can we power the future of economic and social justice?

In partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

For too long, we have talked about economic and social justice but failed to deliver enough of it. Ordinary Hope will brings together the energy, ideas and experiences of individuals and communities from across the UK as we seek to unlock new opportunities to advance economic and social justice. 

Citizen Portrait

Citizen Portraits

In partnership with artist Jørn Tomter.

The Citizen Portrait project highlights the voices of individuals and communities too often unheard yet vital to our understanding of the complex challenges we face.   

Ensuring Sustainable Development

Ensuring Sustainable Development

With theme leads Dr Dan Honig and Dr Gabriel Ulyssea

With climate change becoming the defining economic and political challenge of our age, the UCL Policy Lab explores shared solutions. Utilising expertise in economics, political science and beyond, we work with partners in the global south to convene discussions and new research on critical issues for development.

Inequality Radial

Challenging Inequalities and Protecting Rights

With theme lead Dr Alex Hartman

We live at a time of vast political, economic, and social inequalities, where many people feel their rights are under threat. Working with partners from academia, community, government and business we aim to find innovative solutions in the UK and across the world.



Promoting Democracy and Peace

With theme leads Dr Jack Blumenau and Dr Manuel Vogt

Democracies worldwide are confronted by populism, conflict and authoritarianism, UCL Policy Lab aims to promote democratic strengthening and help overcome decay, conflict and peace. Bringing together world-leading researchers with civil society, governments and businesses, we look to generate new ideas and support new practices.


Rethinking Economic Policy & Decision Making

With theme leads Prof Lucy Barnes and Dr Ramin Nassehi 

Across the world, debates on economic performance, living standards and productivity are rapidly intensifying. Drawing together macroeconomic and monetary policy expertise from across UCL and elsewhere, we work to find policy solutions that can meet the emerging economic challenges. With partner organisations in communities, we also bring the real-life impacts of economic policy to the attention of decision-makers.