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Changemakers is supported by the Civic Power Fund and UCL Policy Lab. Together, they are sharing stories from some of the incredible people building ordinary hope and power in their communities across the UK.


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Nick Kimber - Relationship-based bureacrat

This week we talk with Nick Kimber, the Director of Strategy and Design at the London Borough of Camden. He has helped create a council that builds relationships with the community it serves in everything that it does, from child protection to rubbish collection.

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Meet our host

Amanda Tattershall from ChangeMakers
Amanda Tattershall is a well-known social change podcaster, who hosts The ChangeMakers podcast. Since 2016, the ChangeMakers podcast has been telling stories about people who are striving for social change across the world. UCL Policy Lab is delighted to be supporting the ChangeMakers UK mini series with funding from the Civic Power Fund.