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Episode 2: Reconstructing a Face After Cancer Surgery | Spring 2008 - Lunch Hour Lectures

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Episode 2 - Lunch Hour Lectures - Spring 2008

Reconstructing a Face After Cancer Surgery

Cancer of the mouth and face affects our swallowing, our speech and more importantly our self-perception and self-esteem. Therefore, reconstructive surgery of the mouth and face touches on the deepest human feelings about identity. The surgery offers the promise of allowing patients to eat, drink and communicate again through the wide variety of facial expressions and mannerisms that most people take for granted.

In a ten-hour procedure, the patient’s cancer will be removed, and a new facial “flap” will be attached to the recipient’s blood vessels and nerves. The tissues are matched for colour and type and function. In the procedure the patient’s compliance and contribution to recovery is as important as the surgery itself.

Dr Nicholas Kalavrezos
Head & Neck and Reconstructive Surgeon
University College London Hospitals

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