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UCL Remarkable Stories

UCL Remarkable Stories


PODCAST - UCL Remarkable Stories

As part of the #WeAreUCL campaign, we're showcasing the diversity, resilience and achievements of our staff, students and alumni by telling their Remarkable Stories.

We'll be releasing a new podcast interview with a different student, staff member or alumnus/alumna each week, who'll be sharing their personal stories on a range of topics relevant to us all. We hope that they inspire our community to persevere and stay positive in these tough times and long afterwards.


Organiser: UCL Minds Podcasts


Podcast Episodes

UCL Remarkable Stories

Episode1: Alex and Anxiety

In this podcast, we hear from Alex Page, who works within the Office of Vice Provost Advancement to ensure donors to the university are properly looked after.

Alex shares how anxiety has affected his life in unexpected ways, and how he manages this on a daily basis.


Remarkable Stories

Episode 2: Rice Inc and entrepreneurship

For our second podcast episode, we hear from UCL biosciences students Lincoln Lee and Kisum Chan, who founded the social enterprise Rice Inc.

Rice Inc. won the prestigious Hult Prize in 2018 - Kisum and Lincoln tell us about their experiences in the competition and how they got involved with UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

Remarkable Stories

Episode 3: Nick and coming out as LGBTQ+

In our third episode, Nick Coveney, a publisher and UCL alumnus, shares his personal experiences of coming out as gay and growing up as someone in the LGBTQ+ community.

Nick tells his story to help inspire others in the UCL community. Please note this episode contains some strong language.


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