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LGBTQ+ Stories

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LGBTQ+ Stories

A collection of topical, intriguing and insightful stories and events from UCL's LGBTQ+ community.

From equality, gender and body image; to fashion, politics and literature, this collection covers a wide range topics, from UCL's diverse students and staff, with insights for society as a whole.

LGBTQ+ students
LGBTQ+ Equality 
UCL Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)


BEEFCAKE event - gay body builder and UCL panelists
Savitri Hensman teaser

LGBTQ labels: conversations across generations

UCL students and Opening Doors London

Remarkable Stories
Petrie Museum Egyptian stone slab artefact

Mini-lecture: LGBT in Ancient Egypt

Archaeology, Ancient Egypt and the Petrie Museum

Smiling Lotta König holding up magazine and co-presenter Thorsten Merse

How to 'queer' the classroom

Queer-informed methods and teaching practice in English language teaching (ELT)


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