UCL Philosophy


Dr Jacob McNulty


Dept of Philosophy

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
1st Jan 2023


Jake McNulty is a historian of philosophy, focusing on post-Kantian German Idealism (especially Hegel), Marx and the Frankfurt School. He is currently a Lecturer in Philosophy at UCL, and was before that a Bersoff Fellow at NYU. His PhD is from Columbia, where he worked under Fred Neuhouser and Axel Honneth. Before his doctoral studies, he earned degrees from Cambridge University and Harvard College, and was a FAGI and DAAD fellow at the U. of Leipzig. His first book, Hegel's Logic and Metaphysics, was published by Cambridge University Press in January 2023; his second, on Critical Theory, is under contract with Routledge; and his work on Rousseau, Hegel and the Frankfurt School is published or orthcoming with the Journal for the History of Philosophy, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Inquiry, European Journal of Philosophy, and Hegel Bulletin. He has also published on legal and political philosophy in German Idealism, again in the European Journal. He has, before this, written a book chapter on Cavell's musical aesthetics, and maintains an active interest in this subject. At NYU and Dartmouth, he has  as the head instructor for courses on Kant, Political Philosophy, 19th c., Hegel and Marx, and Aesthetics; and he has won Teaching award for his self-designed course on the philosophy of photography.
Outside of philosophy, he enjoys playing jazz guitar.