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First-Generation Philosophers Website

23 April 2024

We are delighted to announce UCL staff and students have helped to create a website for first-generation academics in philosophy.

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Simona Aimar and Daniel James are delighted to announce the launch of the #First-GenPhilosophers platform. This platform is dedicated to increasing the visibility of first-generation academics in philosophy—philosophers from non-academic family backgrounds—and aims to provide a space for their experiences, perspectives and ideas. 

The #First-GenPhilosophers initiative seeks to promote a more comprehensive approach to diversity and inclusion in philosophy by exploring the intersections of class with race & gender. To this end, the #First-GenPhilosophers website will feature personal reflections and scholarly contributions that explore how family background influences philosophical careers, as well as the obstacles encountered by, and the benefits of including first-generation academics.
Whether you're a graduate student, an academic, or someone who has ventured beyond academia after your studies, we'd love to hear from you. We also offer the option to publish anonymously to ensure a diversity of perspectives. If you are a first-generation philosopher and would like to share your story, please consider submitting a contribution.
We are grateful to the Research England, Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) for supporting this initiative this year.