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UCL Sustainability Awards and School of Pharmacy Excellence Project

15 November 2017


UCL’s 5th annual Sustainability Awards took place on the 5th September. Each year, teams across campus take part in the Green Impact scheme, to improve environmental sustainability in offices and labs.

The ceremony offers a chance for each team’s efforts to be recognised and 2017 saw a record number of teams taking part across UCL.  We are pleased to report that the School of Pharmacy Library’s submission for the Office category was also awarded Excellence.

Many teams also undertake innovative projects and this year we are very proud to announce that the School’s Medicinal Garden was awarded Excellence in the Projects category. The Sodexo SoP Refectory Team also picked up an award for their eco-takeout scheme.

Cacti awards

Photo: The awards, pictured with Cacti prizes!

The awards were made out of up-cycled teak from the Bloomsbury Theatre and were presented at the Bartlett School of Architecture by Graham Hart (Dean of Population Health Sciences, UCL), Ted Smith (Director of People & Facilities, Wellcome Trust) and Celia Caulcott (VP: Innovation & Enterprise, UCL).

The UCL School of Pharmacy’s project for 2017 was to start a Medicinal Garden, here in Brunswick Square. The Library Team helped to co-ordinate this and completed a successful bid for a grant from the UCL Sustainability Team. The project launched in February and by April, the first planting session took place.

The management of the bed was given to the School by the Friends of Brunswick Square (FOBS), a society of local residents who preserve and promote the gardens of the Square. The four species planted were Hypericum perforatum (St John’s Wort), Valeriana officinalis (valerian), Lavandula  angustifolia (lavender) and Calendula officinalis (marigold).  All four have medicinal properties and we will continue to add plants used for medicinal purposes. 

UCL Careers Service donated some fertiliser from their wormery which has been used to nourish the soil and some Echinacea purpurea has been donated by our friends at Myddelton House Gardens in Enfield.

The planting sessions have been tremendous fun and participants agreed that gardening is a relaxing and contemplative activity.  It is hoped that the plants themselves, when the crop is great, will be used in teaching and research in the School. 

In the meantime, the plants will be on display to the general public showcasing the role of botanics in healthcare and wellbeing and some of the research that is going on at UCL. We hope the project may inspire other departments to create green spaces across UCL, which will lead to a more sustainable campus.

If you are interested in the Medicinal Garden project, do email sop.library@ucl.ac.uk for more details. If your department is considering taking part in the Green Impact Scheme next year, please visit Green UCL to find out more about getting started.

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