UCL Psychology and Language Sciences



Contents of UCLWPL 14 (2002)

Edited by Ad Neeleman and Reiko Vermeulen


John Harris & Edmund Gussmann Word-final onsets (please right-click & choose 'save link as' if this file does not display correctly in your browser window)
Chloe Marshall, Susan Ebbels, John Harris & Heather Van Der Lely Investigating the impact of prosodic complexity on the speech of children with Specific Language Impairment

Semantics and Pragmatics

Nicholas Allott Relevance and rationality
Robyn Carston

Metaphor, ad hoc concepts and word meaning - more questions than answers

Richard Horsey The art of chicken sexing
Corinne Iten Even if and even: The case for an inferential scalar account
Mark Jary Mood in relevance theory: a re-analysis focusing on the Spanish subjunctive
Marie-Odile Taillard Beyond communicative intention
Tim Wharton Paul Grice, saying and meaning
Deirdre Wilson & Dan Sperber Relevance Theory


Peter Ackema

A morphological approach to the absence of expletive PRO

Amela Čamdžić and Richard Hudson Serbo-Croat-Bosnian clitics and Word Grammar
Ann Law Compositionality, copy theory, and control
Maria Lekakou Middle semantics and its realization in English and Greek
Reiko Vermeulen Ga ga constructions in Japanese