UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Professional Studies 2

Module aims

  • To continue to develop transferable professional and clinical knowledge, skills, values and attitudes required to meet the HCPC Standards of Proficiency for speech and language therapists.
  • To integrate the knowledge and skills developed in the other modules of the course within practice settings.
  • To continue to develop knowledge and understanding of the speech and language therapy profession and service and its relationship with other professions and services.
  • To continue to develop knowledge of ethical guidelines, professional codes of practice and the law relating to clinical practice. 


Module contents

In addition to practice placements, the module will include workshops and tutorials that cover:

  • Professional learning and leadership
  • supervision and personal development plans
  • interpersonal communication and presentation skills
  • counselling skills
  • reflective practice
  • problem-solving
  • information gathering and assessment
  • planning, delivering and evaluating interventions
  • client-centred goal negotiation
  • case-note and report writing
  • discharge planning
  • wellbeing and quality of life
  • Health Psychology and behaviour change
  • caseload management and prioritisation
  • collaborative working and interprofessional teamworking
  • training others
  • professional conduct
  • ethical practice
  • medico-legal and legal issues
  • clinical governance
  • relevant professional and national frameworks
  • policies and guidelines
  • the structure and function of health and social care services in the UK
  • service delivery
  • quality assurance and evaluation
  • preparation for employment


Service delivery presentation and evidence essay 30%

*Placement 35%

Video viva 35%

* The ongoing placement (weekly; Nov-Mar) is awarded a grade and percentage mark, which comprises 35% of the module mark.  The spring block placement (Apr-May) is marked on a pass/fail basis.  Students must pass the spring block placement in order to pass the module but there is no percentage mark allocated to it.