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Summer Course in English Phonetics


VSCEP 2023

VSCEP (Virtual SCEP), our one-week course live via Zoom, was again a great success.

Participants joined us from 22 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas, for lectures, practical classes and ear training.

We hope to resume SCEP in its traditional format, as a two-week course in London, in 2024.

Whether you're a teacher, a student or a fan of English, whatever your native language (including English), here is a virtual opportunity to study English phonetics at University College London!

You can brush up your knowledge of the theoretical side of phonetics and bring yourself up-to-date on new developments. You may want to do ear-training and listening practice. Or you may just want to improve your own English pronunciation. It's all available in UCL's famous Summer Course in English Phonetics, founded over a century ago by the great Daniel Jones.

Our course covers all the main aspects of English phonetics:

  • phonemic system (vowels and consonants)
  • segmental analysis (allophonic processes)
  • connected speech processes
  • sentence stress (tonicity, accentuation)
  • intonation (nuclear tones and prenuclear patterns)

These topics are investigated both in lectures and in practical classes. Practical groups are kept small and are organised according to your prior knowledge of English and your English proficiency. For example, we may have groups consisting of 

  • teachers of English as a foreign language
  • undergraduate students of English
  • university academics and postgraduates

The course covers with both speaking and listening skills. You get plenty of practice in pronunciation performance and in auditory discrimination in special ear-training sessions.

For more detail see the VSCEP timetable.


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