UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Contents of UCLWPL 6 (1994)

Edited by John Harris
Michael Brody

Phrase structure and dependence

Annabel Cormack & Richard Breheny

Projections for functional categories

Annabel Cormack & Neil SmithSerial verbs
Richard HudsonDiscontinuous phrases in dependency grammar
Richard Hudson, and Rosta & Nikolas GisborneLearnability and LIKELY/PROBABLE
Hans van de KootOn the status of the Projection Principle in the Minimalist Program
Christian KrepsAnother look at Small Clauses
Ana Maria MadeiraOn the Portuguese inflected infinitive
M Rita ManziniSyntactic dependencies and their properties: a note on strong island
And RostaDependency and grammatical relations
Anna RoussouSubjunctive complements in Modern Greek: a preliminary account.
George J XydopoulosAdverbial NPs in Modern Greek
Robyn Carston

Metalinguistic negation and echoic use

Mary Lou GrimbergOn Nunberg on indexicality and deixis
Reiko ItaniA relevance-based analysis of hearsay particles: Japanese utterance-final tte
Tomoko MatsuiBridging reference and style
Harry van der Hulst

Radical CV Phonology: the locational gesture

Toyomi Takahashi

Constraint interaction in Aranda stress

John Harris

Monovalency and opacity: Chichewa height harmony