UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Contents of UCLWPL 4 (1992)

Edited by Hans van de Koot

GP Syntax
Michael BrodyA Note on the Organisation of Grammar
M. Rita ManziniParasitic Gaps and Locality Theory: Some Results
Samson Negbo AbangmaThe ECP and That-trace Effects in Denya
Yoryia AgourakiClitic Left Dislocation and Clitic Doubling: A Unification
Stefanie AnyadiThe Acquisition of Verb Second in German: The Prefunctional Stage
Ana Maria MadeiraOn Clitic Placement in European Portuguese
Anna RoussouFactive Complements and Wh-Movement in Modern Greek
Relevance Theory
Robyn CarstonConjunction, Explanation and Relevance
Deirdre WilsonReference and Relevance
Elly Ifantidou-TroukiSentential Adverbs and Relevance
Reiko ItaniJapanese Sentence-Final Particle NE: A Relevance-Theoretic Approach
Tomoko MatsuiBridging Reference and the Notions of 'Topic' and 'Focus'
Villy RouchotaOn Indefinite Descriptions
Word Grammar
Dick HudsonThe case against Case
And RostaEnglish Mediopassives
Chris Ireland & Maria BlackLiving with Aphasia: The Insight Story
John HarrisLicensing Inheritance
Hans van de KootWord Grammar Recognition is NP-hard