UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Contents of UCLWPL 2 (1990)

Edited by John Harris

Relevance Theory

Robyn CarstonQuality maxims and generalised implicature
Billy Clark & Geoff LindseyIntonation and syntax in non-declaratives: a pragmatic account
Reiko Itani-KaufmannExplicature and explicit attitude
Villy RouchotaBut: contradiction and relevance
Neil SmithObservations on the pragmatics of tense
Deirdre Wilson & Dan SperberLinguistic form and relevance
Vladimir ZegaracPragmatics and verbal aspect

GB Syntax

Bas AartsPrevent-type verbs in a GB framework
Samson AbangmaThe pro-drop parameter in Denya
Georgia AgourakiOn the projection of maximal categories: the case of CP and FP in Modern Greek
Michael BrodySome remarks on the focus field in Hungarian
Ianthi-Maria TsimpliThe clause structure and word order of Modern Greek


Maria BlackThe complexity of simple sentences
Wiebke BrockhausColourful leagues: a government-based approach to final obstruent devoicing
Norman FraserProlegomena to a formal theory of dependency grammar
Dick HudsonRaising in syntax, semantics and cognition
Hans van de KootSome remarks on the implications of the doubtful gap problem for human sentence processing
Geoff Lindsey & John HarrisPhonetic interpretation in generative grammar