UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Contents of UCLWPL 19 (2007)

Edited by Richard Breheny and Nikolaos Velegrakis

Linguistic Theory

Neil Smith & Ann LawTwangling Instruments: Is parametric variation definitional of human language?


Mary PearceATR allophones or undershoot in Kera?
Eirini SanoudakiConsonant clusters in the acquisition of Greek: the beginning of the word


Dirk BuryVerb movement and VSO-VOS alternations
Nicole Dehe & Vieri Samek-LodoviciOn the prosody and syntax of DPs: Evidence from Italian noun adjective sequences
Marika Lekakou & Kriszta SzendroiEliding the Noun in Close Apposition, or Greek polydefinites Revisited
Matthew ReeveRelatives and Pronouns in the English Cleft Construction
Reiko VermeulenJapanese wa-phrases that aren't topics

Semantics and Pragmatics

Ingrid Lossius FalkumGenerativity, Relevance and the Problem of Polysemy
Alison HallSubsentential utterances, ellipsis and pragmatic enrichment
Nathan KlinedinstPlurals, possibilities and conjunctive disjunction
Hiroyuki UchidaLogic in Pragmatics