UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Contents of UCLWPL 15 (2003)

Edited by Ad Neeleman and Reiko Vermeulen

Semantics and Pragmatics
Nicholas AllottGame theory and communication
Robyn CarstonTruth-conditional content and conversational implicature
Zohar LivnatOn verbal irony and types of echoing
Rosa Vega-MorenoRelevance Theory and the construction of idiom meaning
Deirdre WilsonNew directions for research for pragmatics and modularity
Peter Ackema and Amela ČamdžićLF Complex Predicate Formation: The case of participle fronting in Serbo-Croatian
Dirk Bury

Selection and head chains

Vikki JankeA PRO-less theory of control
Ann LawRight Dislocation in Cantonese as a focus-marking device
Hans van de Koot and Eric MathieuWhat's in an island?
John Harris

Grammar-internal and grammar-external assimilation

Nina TopintziIssues of locality and morphologically induced non-identity in the N. Karanga assertive and non-assertive patterns
Neil Smith, Beate Hermelin and Ianthi Tsimpli

Dissociation of social affect and theory of mind in a case of Asperger syndrome