UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Contents of UCLWPL 13 (2001)

Edited by Corinne Iten and Ad Neeleman
Semantics and Pragmatics
Robyn CarstonRelevance Theory and the saying/implicating distinction
Richard HorseyPsychosemantic analyticity
George PowellComplex demonstratives
Rosa Elena Vega-MorenoRepresenting and processing idioms
Tim WhartonNatural Pragmatics and Natural Codes
Moira YipTonal features, tonal inventories and phonetic targets
Peter Ackema & Kriszta SzendrőiDeterminer sharing as an instance of dependent ellipsis
Annabel Cormack & Neil SmithDon't move!
Richard HudsonClitics in Word Grammar
Ann LawA-not-A questions in Cantonese
Eric MathieuOn the nature of French N-words
Ad Neeleman & Hans van de KootBare resultatives
George PanitsaAspects of aspect: Acquiring grammatical aspect in Modern Greek: The interaction of aspect with aspectual adverbials in children's grammars
Alexandra PerovicBinding Principles in Down syndrome