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Student and Alumni Profiles

You can find further information about career destinations for some of our alumni here and also find a list of the students awarded a PhD from the UCL Linguistics Research Department between 2008-2016 here.

There are currently about 10 Affiliate, 100 Undergraduate, 40 Masters and 20 Research students in Linguistics. You can find profiles of some of our current students below.

Zoe, Research Student in the Research Department of Linguistics


I first came to UCL on a year abroad as an affiliate undergraduate student in 2009. I found the classes here challenging, the teaching staff very warm and approachable and the linguistics department as a whole a stimulating intellectual and social environment. After finishing my bachelor’s degree at McGill University the following year, I returned to UCL for a master’s degree specializing in syntax. In September 2012 I began work on my MPhil/PhD with Ad Neeleman.

My current research focuses on word order and ambiguity in the noun phrase, which is related to work that Ad and Klaus Abels have done together. In fact, the original inspiration for this research is due to classes I took here on my year abroad, and I’ve been able to develop my ideas through discussions with not only Ad and Klaus, but many of the other researchers both at UCL and McGill. I’ve found the open nature of the department means that collaboration is easily facilitated, even between other departments and universities.

Nick, Research Student in the Research Department of Linguistics