UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Veronica Escobar Cayuqueo

portrait of dark haired woman with red ombre

I am a teacher of the deaf originally from Chile, and I have held a deep interest in Sign Languages, particularly in Chilean Sign Language, since my undergraduate studies. After working as a teacher in a school for the deaf for several years, I made the decision to pursue a Master's degree in Language Sciences with a specialization in Sign Language and deaf studies at UCL back in 2016. This academic experience further fueled my enthusiasm for research, specifically in the field of Sign Language linguistics and the learning processes of deaf students. 

Upon returning to Chile,  I had the opportunity to work at the Language, Education, and Deaf Culture Research Laboratory (LECSOR)  which is led by Dr. María Rosa Lissi. My involvement in this research laboratory focused on various areas, including exploring reading comprehension among deaf students, investigating deaf pedagogy, examining the learning of scientific concepts by deaf students in higher education, and coordinating a public policy investigation aimed at improving mental health access for the deaf community.

In 2021, I embarked on my Ph.D. journey under the supervision of Dr. Kearsy Cormier and Dr. Bronwen Evans, reigniting my passion for sign language linguistics. My current research is dedicated to the sociolinguistic study of lexical variation within Chilean Sign Language, the examination of accommodation processes and language attitudes.

Direct contact: veronica.escobar.15@ucl.ac.uk