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Indie Beedie

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I hold a BA in Political Science and Modern History and yet have been working in the field of Psychology since 2011, after a one-year Research Assistant Internship at DCAL. It was here that I developed a keen interest in psycholinguistics and deafness, in particular, language development, theory of mind and executive function. I completed an MSc in Psychology in 2015.

Current role

After many years in academia, I am now the Executive Officer for DCAL. My role includes day-to-day management of the Centre (finance, HR, the professional services team, etc.), as well as leading on special projects, often in areas like public engagement and widening participation. I am currently co-leading on the British Sign Language Summer School at DCAL and facilitate sessions for our Discover UCL Summer School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

I am a member of UCL’s Disability Equity Steering Group and Disability Equity Implementation Group as well as Disability Equity Lead for the Faculty of Brain Sciences. It is my intersectional experiences of disability and identity as an ethnic minority woman which shapes everything I do and my ongoing commitment to inclusivity and equity.

I haven’t completely moved away from research and was recently awarded funding from UCL Grand Challenges to look at Deaf Migrants in London with Dr. Tyron Woolfe as well as Beacon Bursary funding for workshops with the deaf community on offensive signs.

Email: i.beedie@ucl.ac.uk