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Dr. Tyron Woolfe

Dr. Tyron Woolfe

I was a Research Fellow at both the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and DCAL with Professor Mairead MacSweeney on a longitudinal project aiming to determine the "Mechanisms of Reading Development in Deaf Children", funded by the Welcome Trust. This project aims to investigate the role of visual language inputs in reading in deaf and hearing children. 

I defended my doctoral thesis at the University of Sheffield in 2003, supervised by Professor Michael Siegal. My doctoral research focused on Theory of Mind and access to conversations, with deaf children as the core group of interest. I examined factors related to social cognition in hearing children with two main groups of deaf children based on their language exposure.  I also looked closely at sibling relationships and referential communication measures. This work resulted in two first authored publications.

Later in 2005-07, I developed the adapted British Sign Language version of the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory. with Professor Bencie Woll and Professor Ros Herman.

I have been a research assistant on various projects including “Enhancing Dementia Screening in Aging Deaf signers of British Sign Language via analysis of hand movement trajectories”, funded by Dunhill Medical Trust.

I have worked in leadership positions in the Voluntary Sector for more than 20yr, often with deaf children and people.

Being Deaf myself and a native signer too, I have always worked and volunteered in projects whereby useful insights from reliable and valid data can bring about changes in the present world and the challenges faced by Deaf people. I have been a trustee of several charities in the UK including Royal Association for Deaf (RAD), Deaf Rainbow UK and Signhealth.

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