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Dr. Patrick Rosenburg

Dr. Patrick Rosenburg

I am a post-doctoral research associate at DCAL working with Dr. Kate Rowley on a project called Language Comprehension Skills in Deaf Children, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). This project aims to investigate the interrelationships between language skills in British Sign Language (BSL), and how these inform the skills in English. 

I earned my doctoral degree at Boston University in 2020, supervised by Dr. Amy Lieberman. My doctoral research focused on American Sign Language (ASL) text comprehension in deaf children. I was curious to know more about the interrelationships of language skills and ASL comprehension, and the relationship between ASL comprehension and reading comprehension in English in addition to what those mean for classroom teaching. 

My research interest has been, and still is, shaped by my own experiences in different capacities: as a deaf learner, a qualified teacher of the deaf, and an educational researcher. Prior to moving to the UK, I worked at the Centre for the Study of Communication & the Deaf (CSCD) under the supervision of Dr. Hoffmeister at Boston University as a research assistant, creating the American Sign Language Assessment Instrument (ASLAI) that examines deaf children’s language skills in ASL. It was also at the CSCD that led me to develop a new reliable task that measures deaf children’s comprehension of ASL texts, which will be translated into BSL as a part of this project. Stay tuned!

Dr. Patrick Rosenburg email: p.rosenburg@ucl.ac.uk

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