UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


PTLC2011 Proceedings

All papers are © 2011 of the respective authors.

Patricia Ashby, The Flipped Lecture: a Pre-Vodcasting Trial, Proc. PTLC2011, 7-10.

David Deterding, English Language Teaching and the Lingua Franca Core in East Asia, Proc. ICPhS XVII, 92-95.

Helen Fraser, Teaching Teachers to Teach /r/ and /l/ to Japanese Learners of English: an Integrated Approach. Proc. PTLC2011, 11-15.

Rachael-Anne Knight, Towards a Cognitive Model of Phonetic Transcription, Proc. PTLC2011, 17-20.

Rachael-Anne Knight & Esther Maguire, The Relationship between Short-term Memory and the Phonetic Transcription Accuracy of Speech and Language Therapy Students, Proc. PTLC2011, 21-24.

Jose A. Mompeán, Michael Ashby & Helen Fraser, Phonetics Teaching and Learning: An Overview of Recent Trends and Directions, Proc. ICPhS XVII, 96-99.

Joanna Smith, The Youtube Revolution: Engagement, Perception and Identity, Proc. ICPhS XVII, 100-103.

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Magdalena Wrembel, Cross-modal Reinforcements in Phonetics Teaching and Learning: An Overview of Innovative Trends in Pronunciation Pedagogy, Proc. ICPhS XVII, 104-107.