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Proceedings 2015

The full Proceedings of PTLC2015 as an ebook pdf

(ISBN 978-0-9926394-1-9)

If you want just a single paper, you can pick it from the list below.

L2 pronunciation stability: how the pronunciation of advanced EFL students is affected by a lack of explicit instruction
Gwen Brekelmans

Assessement of acoustic phonetics exam questions in an EFL environment
Mercedes Cabrera-Abreu and Francisco Vizcaíno-Ortega

Teaching the Prosodic Configuration of Lectures: Thematic Structure, Intonation, and L1 Interference
Marina Noelia Cantarutti

Self-learning Catalan phonetics. From description to application
Josefina Carrera-Sabaté, Imma Creus Bellet and Clàudia Pons Moll

Making your phonetics and phonology lessons interesting
Alice Yin Wa Chan

The learning of English intonation by Spanish speakers in a distance education environment
Eva Estebas Vilaplana

Techniques to improve the perception of the English fallrise tone
Smiljana Komar

Learning English phonetics: preferences and attitudes
Pekka Lintunen and Aleksi Mäkilähde

Laboratory activities for large and online phonetics classes
Timothy Mills, Karen Pollock and Benjamin V. Tucker

Teaching a phonetics course with a high student enrolment using a blended-learning format
Shawn Nissen

Assessing the phonetic level in L2 vowels production with the Visuvo software: case of Czech learners acquiring contrasts between French mid vowels e/ɛ, ø/œ and o/ɔ
Nikola Paillereau

Different designs of university courses based on phonetics in Thailand
Rungpat Roengpitya

Using flipped learning to support the development of broad phonetic transcription skills among L1 and L2 English-speaking students
Jane Setter

Teachability and learnability of English tonicity for Japanese junior high school students
Yusuke Shibata, Masaki Taniguchi and Tamikazu Date

Perception of four General British vowels by Slovenian university students of English as a Foreign Language
Andrej Stopar

An Analysis of Japanese junior high school textbooks as pronunciation teaching materials
Junko Sugimoto and Yoko Uchida

Cross-linguistic perception of English /p/-/b/ in noise by two levels of Japanese learners of English
Shinichi Tokuma and Won Tokuma

Phonetics instruction in L2 French: Contributions of segments, prosody and fluency to speech ratings
Pavel Trofimovich, Sara Kennedy and Josée Blanchet

The effects of high-variability phonetic training on Cantonese ESL learners' production of English /ɪ/-/iː/ contrast - an acoustic analysis
Janice Wing Sze Wong