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Dr Sunjeev Kamboj

Dr Sunjeev Kamboj


Clinical, Edu & Hlth Psychology

Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Joined UCL
1st Mar 2005

Research summary

Our work focuses on developing novel psychological and pharmacological treatments (or their combination) for addiction, anxiety and trauma-related disorders. We assess mechanisms of treatment action using a variety of experimental methods, including pharmacological manipulation, EEG, eye tracking and other psychophysiological techniques. Current projects include:

Development of Novel Treatments

We have shown that even very well-rehearsed and chronologically old memories, such as those underlying addiction, can be modified through new learning during reconsolidation. We are also testing the effects of ketamine and other NMDA receptor antagonists as these drugs may block reconsolidation of established memories, significantly weakening their influence on addictive behaviour.

'Contemplative Psychopharmacology' and Addiction Science.

We are looking at whether it is possible to enhance meditative practices using biological treatments that influence affiliative feelings (i.e. compassion) or attention. We aim to examine the effects of MDMA as an adjunct to procedures used in psychological treatments (e.g. compassionate imagery) to tackle self-critical attitudes. In addition, we are testing abbreviated treatments for addiction based on Eastern meditative practices or newer forms of cognitive therapy which aim to help people respond more adaptively to intense drug craving.

Experimental psychopharmacology of cognition and emotion.

We are examining the interaction between stress- and ovarian- hormones (using drugs that modulate these neurosteroids) on memory processes involved in PTSD and addiction. Again, through an improved understanding of these memory processes and their modulation, we aim to provide clues to more effective preventive and treatment strategies.

Understanding and raising awareness of uncommon anxiety conditions.

We are particularly interested in developing a more complete understanding of bladder and bowel-control anxiety in which people have a terror of having 'an accident' in public.

Teaching summary


Module convenor for Topics in Clinical Psychology (C3107).


General: Assessment and formulation; Terminating therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Generic and basic competencies; Schema therapy

Seminars: First year academic seminars ; first year clinical seminars; first year reflective practice seminars (DClinPsy).



Co-ordinator for the international stream on the UCL doctorate in clinical psychology.


University College London
P.Grad Dip, Applied and Clinical Hypnosis | 2007
University College London
DClinPsy, Clinical Psychology | 2003
University of Sussex
MSc, Experimental Psychology | 1999
University College London
PhD, Neuroscience and Pharmacology | 1995
University College London
BSc Hons, Medicinal Chemistry | 1992