UCL Psychology and Language Sciences

Dr Adam Harris

Dr Adam Harris

Senior Lecturer

Experimental Psychology

Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Joined UCL
4th Oct 2010

Research summary

My research interests are broad, but are mostly within the judgment part of judgment and decision making.

I am especially concerned with issues relating to the effect of outcome utility (the goodness or badness of an event) on people's judgments pertaining to how likely they think that event is to occur (its probability). This research has broad implications in the domain of risk perception and communication.

I am also interested in how people reason with evidence, including the effect of the coherence of a set of evidence on people's belief updating. This work is related to other research interests in argumentation.

Teaching summary

I am heavily involved in the delivery of the MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences.

I convene the MSc module, Judgment and Decision Making.

I teach half the BSc 3rd year module, Applied Decision Making.

I deliver lectures in the MSc module, Knowledge, Learning and Inference.


I obtained my BSc, MSc and PhD from Cardiff University.

My PhD (received in 2009) was supervised by Prof. Ulrike Hahn and titled, "Investigating the Influence of Outcome Utility on Estimates of Probability."

I was a postdoc at the University of Warwick (2009-2010) working with Prof. Neil Stewart and Prof. Liz Robinson.

I moved to UCL in October 2010 to take up a position as Teaching Fellow on the Cognitive and Decision Sciences MSc course. I took up my present lectureship position in December 2011.