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Helping prepare veggie and vegan food options at UCL

UCL PALS Green Impact Team help prepare vegetarian and vegan meal options in the UCL IOE canteen.

As part of one of the UCL PALS #PALSGREEN19 initiatives to improve the impact of UCL's estate, build community and further sustainability... 2 of the UCL PALS Green Impact team have helped prepare vegetarian and vegan meal options in the UCL IOE canteen.

Tess Meakin and Hannah Spikesley from UCL PALS joined the catering company at the IOE, Aramark, for a morning of cooking to prepare their vegetarian and vegan meal options for lunchtime customers. 

When asked about the experience Tess said: “The catering company were really welcoming and very pleased to have us help them prepare a full vegetarian meal to serve in their restaurant. We had a great time helping with the dishes and we were delighted by how many people were excited by the vegetarian options – hopefully this is one step closer to UCL reducing their meat consumption!

Hannah Spikesley added: “It was an amazing, fun and rewarding experience. We had such a great response to the vegetarian and vegan food we prepared... and apparently they sold out!! It was a lot of fun and contributed, even if just a little bit, towards making UCL more sustainable.

Regular IoE canteen customer (and non-vegetarian) Dr Adam Harris (Associate Professor in Experimental Psychology), who tried one of their dishes, without prompting said: "It was very tasty!"

To find out more about the PALS Green Impact Team and #PALSGREEN19 initiatives, visit: www.ucl.ac.uk/pals/pals-green-awareness