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PALS Green Awareness

Taking care of our environment

We're very proud to be recognised by UCL as the greenest department (8 years in a row and working hard to make that 9!) and we're on a mission to improve the impact of UCL's estate, build community and further research.

PALS Green Awards 2021

Congratulations to the UCL PALS Green Impact team for their outstanding success at UCL's 2021 #UCLSusAwards Ceremony. We won gold in the Green Impact Award categories and LEAF lab awards, and were especially commended for our Sustainability Plan which included a UCL-high of 20 sustainability excellence projects which in effect recognises us as UCL’s greenest department for the 8th year in a row!  Well done to all the other winners & participants, and thanks to Sustainable UCL for hosting the awards.

PALS Green Day 2021

The annual 2021 UCL PALS Green Day will be on 24 March. Expect a jam-packed programme of events including talks, virtual veggie cookalongs, green wheel of zoom, seed planting, green quiz, bird-tracking, winterwatch... and loads more! Read more here.

Pull the Plug on PALS Printing

As part of PALS Green Day 2021, we launched the 'Pull the Plug on PALS Printing' initiative. The pandemic has shown us that printing is not always necessary… will you join us and ditch your printer? Where printing is necessary, we encourage double-sided printing, reduced page margins, using recycled paper and defaulting to the machines to greyscale economy modes. Find out more here.

PALS Green

PALS is UCL's Greenest Department 7th year in a row! Congratulations to the UCL PALS Green Impact team who have been recognised as UCL’s greenest department at UCL's 2020 Sustainability Awards Ceremony... for the 7th year in a row!! We had 20 sustainability excellence projects, and won gold in the Green Impact Award categories and LEAF lab awards. Read more here.

Zaikauskaite Paper

We're thrilled to have another #GreenUCLPALS eco-study published!  Laura Zaikauskaite, Xinyu Chen and Dimitrios Tsivrikos explored the effects of idealism and relativism on the moral judgement of social versus environmental issues, and their relation to self-reported pro-environmental behaviours. Find out more and download the paper here.   

new UCL PALS Green Impact Excellence Study

Do people consider environmentally unfriendly behaviour to be immoral? A new UCL PALS Green Impact Excellence Study has revealed that the morality of environmental behaviour indeed differs from that of other types of social behaviour. Read the paper here.

PALS Green Day Advert 2020

We are delighted to announce this year’s UCL PALS Green Day #GreenUCLPALS. We have a green-packed programme of events across our various PALS sites (Bedford Way, Chandler House and Alexandra House) including the infamous green feet, seed-planting, sustainability talks, green-themed films, vegetarian food, vegan wine tasting... and loads more. We will keep this webpage updated with the latest information about the event: ucl.ac.uk/pals/pals-green-awareness/pals-green-day-2020 

PALS MoonWalk

UCL PALS are walking to the moon as a Green and Wellbeing initiative.

Find out more and get involved with the #PALSMoonWalk at www. ucl.ac.uk/pals/pals-moonwalk   

PALS Green Impact Awards 2019

Congratulations to the UCL PALS Green Impact Team who picked up numerous awards at the 2019 UCL Green Sustainability Awards. We’re UCL’s greenest department for the 6th year in a row and John Draper won a Lifetime Achievement Award for all his amazing green impact work over the years.

100 Percent Veggie

We are thrilled to announce that from 1st January 2019 all food provided at catered UCL PALS events will be 100% vegetarian. Find out more about our 100% Veggie initiative here.

UCL PALS Extinction Rebellion Talk

The UCL PALS Green Impact Team hosted an Extinction Rebellion talk "Heading for extinction & what to do about it" as part of #PALSGREEN19. Watch the talk, featuring Professor Kate Jeffery, here.

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFcwbSdUxuk&feature=youtu.be


PALS Green Day 2019 was a great success!

On 14 March 2019, PALS Green Day took place with a jam-packed programme of events across our various PALS sites including the infamous green feet, seed-planting, sustainability talks, green-themed films, vegetarian food, vegan wine tasting... and loads more! Read more about PALS Green Day 2019 by clicking here.

PALS Green Day

UCL PALS Recycling Field Trip

UCL PALS Green Team members Sabine Topf and Paul Troop are looking at ways of reducing the quantity of waste produced by UCL and increasing the proportion that is recycled.

To find out more about how waste is treated by UCL, they conducted a research trip to the plant where UCL's waste is disposed of. They were given a tour of the plant and gained insight into the processes involved.

UCL waste that is not recycled or treated as food waste is sent by train to a plant in Bristol. There it is incinerated. Heat from the process is used to heat steam, which is fed through turbines to generate electricity. Ash that remains is used to make building blocks. None of the waste goes to landfill.

Find out more about the UCL PALS Recycling Field Trip by clicking here.

UCL PALS Foodcam

The #PALSGREEN19 Foodcam Initiative is a waste reduction project started by the PALS Green Impact Team that revolves around the simple principle that food is better in a stomach than in the bin. Find out more here: ucl.ac.uk/pals/pals-green-awareness/foodcam



For several weeks, UCL PALS Student Sabine Topf and colleagues studied the contents of the mixed-recycling and non-recyclable bins in six locations at UCL, including 2 from PALS.  Each evening they emptied the bins, categorised the contents and put them back in time to be collected as usual. Find out more about this #PALSGREEN19 project by clicking here: ucl.ac.uk/pals/pals-green-awareness/studying-contents-bins-ucl

Green Kitchens

The UCL PALS Green Impact Team have helped prepare vegetarian and vegan meal options in the UCL IOE canteen as part of one of the UCL PALS #PALSGREEN19 initiatives. Find out more here: ucl.ac.uk/pals/pals-green-awareness/helping-prepare-veggie-and-vegan-food-options-ucl

UCL PALS Green Impact

Congratulations to our Green Impact Team who picked up numerous UCL Sustainability Awards at the epic annual Green UCL Sustainability Awards.

GREEN NEWSFLASH: PALS Green Impact Team wins UCL Sustainability Award and visits the Eden Project (click to find out more)

Watch the video the UCL PALS Green Impact team made on their trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall:

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd_Z49kISI0&feature=youtu.be

  • Travel - find out about how you can do your bit to reduce carbon emissions by changing the way you travel.
  • Recycling - find out about UCL's recycling systems.
  • Consumption - see how much energy the Faculty of Brain Sciences uses and how you can help reduce it. 
  • PALS was heavily involved in the audit for UCL's ECO Campus Platinum Award

Green Impact News: PALS is UCL's Greenest Department... again.

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded UCL Sustainability Leaders and UCL's Greenest Department at this year's Green Impact Awards Ceremony.

Our excellence projects also won multiple awards, such as Platinum award for Labs, Excellence for Office and Excellence for Special Projects. You can find out more about the UCL Sustainability Awards on the Green UCL website

Here are some of the projects that we are really proud of:

  • Reducing chair loss…recycling our furniture
  • Chandler House Garden
  • I See What You’ve Done! – How Behavioural Traces Influence Recycling Behaviour at UCL
  • Following the Crowd or Following the Norm? Effects of Behavioural Traces vs. Social Norms on Pro-Environmental Donations
  • Pollution Mask
  • PALS FoodCam / Food Waste
  • PALS Green Impact visit to Eden Project video