UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Optional modules

This is where the real flexibility is.  Depending on your specialisation, you will choose between one and four modules from any postgraduate modules currently offered in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences (and sometimes wider afield).  You won't have to make this decision alone.  You will meet with your Strand Coordinator to talk about what you are interested in; what research you might want to do and what you have previously studied before making your final decision.

Space will be limited on all optional modules, and space cannot always be guaranteed so, whilst there is no rush to decide, it's good to think about what you might like to do before arriving and come to your meeting with your Strand Coordinator prepared.

On your programme website, under the programme structure you will see we have listed optional modules.  These are just suggestions for suitable, popular modules.  You do not have to choose from this list, and you are also able to choose modules which are listed as Core modules.