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Emeritus Professor Janette Atkinson awarded the Vision Sciences Society 2016 Davida Teller Award

10 May 2016

The Vision Sciences Society has awarded 2016 Davida Teller Award to Emeritus Professor Janette Atkinson.

The Vision Sciences Society said "Janette Atkinson is a worldwide leader in research on human visual development. She has made major advances in an extraordinarily wide range of basic and clinical areas, collaborating throughout her career, with vision scientists, ophthalmologists, optometrists and pediatric neurologists. Her impact on the field has been immense, both directly through innovative research, and indirectly through her mentorship and personal support to her students and collaborators."

Since 2013, the Vision Sciences Society Davida Teller Award has been given to an outstanding woman vision scientist with a strong history of mentoring, in memory of Davida Teller, Professor of psychology and biophysics at the University of Washington.

image: Emeritus Professor Janette Atkinson