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Professor Valerie Hazan (Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences) elected as Distinguished Lecturer of the International Speech Communication Association

18 March 2016

Professor Valerie Hazan, Head of the Research Department of Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences, has been elected as a Distinguished Lecturer of the International Speech Communications Association (ISCA) for 2016-17. 

ISCA funds its Distinguished Lecturers to travel to different parts of the world to give lectures to help promote research activities on speech science and technologies.

The purpose of ISCA is to promote, in an international world-wide context, activities and exchanges in all fields related to speech communication science and technology, and is aimed at all persons and institutions interested in fundamental research and technological development that aims at describing, explaining and reproducing the various aspects of human communication by speech, such as phonetics, linguistics, computer speech recognition and synthesis, speech compression, speaker recognition, aids to medical diagnosis of voice pathologies.